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Meet Zoe

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Meet Zoe

We sat down with Zoe to ask her the following questions:

  1. What do you enjoy about gardening with volunteers?
    Zoe: I enjoy spending time with volunteers to connect to nature and be active together. It’s nice to connect and get to know someone while doing an activity like gardening, and a good opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise!
  2. What’s your favourite garden or green space?
    Zoe: I like allotments. I love the communal aspect, the growing of edible plants, and the character added to each plot.
  3. Your favourite gardening activity?
    Zoe: Composting or pruning large shrubs.
  4. Your favourite plant?
    Zoe: I love mature ivy when it flowers as it provides nectar for bees late into the autumn months.

  5. What got you into gardening?
    Zoe: I’ve always loved being outside, and through studying at Walworth Garden, I saw how much there is to learn about gardening!

  6. What do you get up to when you’re not gardening?
    Zoe: Dance classes such as ballet and cooking and baking.

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