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Meet Mark Griffiths

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Meet Mark


Mark Griffiths leads Employee Volunteer days for Leaves Breathe. Veteran green thumb Mark tells us about his many roles in the world of community horticulture.

“Mark is FULL of energy. He led a day where our team got so much done in the garden. He’s a great team leader and hands on during all our time together. I got to take home some of his gardening top tips about planting bulbs (pour chilly powder over them to deter squirrels!)” – Jessie, Gardening Volunteer, 2023

Mark: I spent the last 10 years running a community allotment in Southwark Park, three to four days a week. Vegetables, fruits, shrubs, and flowers are my thing… even trees! I happily talk to them all as I nurture and cajole them into healthy growing habits, and its an all year round pleasure to do so.

I started as a volunteer at the Bede Centre, a community based day care centre for adults with autism and severe learning disabilities in 2010. I’ve started my gardening education from Day 1 in the Southwark Park allotments.

I’ve since helped lay out and plan numerous allotments for friends and family including a Victorian walled garden in Suffolk. Planning a year ahead with seeds, seedlings, cuttings and soil preparation are essential to any garden, whatever you are wishing to grow. This is essential to creating a sustainable, healthy, and ecologically friendly space that gives you back food and happiness in abundance.

With weekly visits to  Surrey Docks Farm, I learnt much more about Greenhouse cultures as well as the importance and significance of compost and its virtues, as well as the balance needed in any garden between insects, ecology and biodiversity.

I’ve also had nine summers of working on a small vineyard in Narbonne, a co-operative. There I’ve tended to four acres of vines; a month-long practical, hands-on labour of annual love.

I have since completed my City & Guilds Diploma in Horticulture at Walworth Gardens to further my knowledge and practical experience on all types of plants, trees, shrubs AND weeds. I can now add scientific and ecological added value to my hobby-now-work, and spread my gardening fingers wider afield.

I‘m currently working freelance for Leaves Breathe and Bankside Open Spaces Trust as a Sessional Gardener whilst maintaining a healthy handful of private clients across London, Surrey and Suffolk.

You can get in touch with me directly at:
– 07549 092 553
– Instagram: elgriffo7

Please email to enquire
about a Team Volunteer Day for your organisation.

“I hope to meet more Corporate Volunteers soon!” Mark

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