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About Leaves Breathe

Our vision - about us

Our Mission Statement


For the public benefit, Leaves Breathe exists to advance environmental protection through the creation and enhancement of valuable community green spaces across Greater London.

We focus on those areas where there are few green spaces or where there is a specific need to improve existing green spaces for the use of local communities.

We especially support those areas where there is less opportunity for, or access to, funding for community green spaces.

Charitable Work


To achieve this mission statement we take on the following charitable work:

  • Connect gardening staff and Corporate Volunteers to community green sites.
  • Lead training for community gardeners and gardening groups in matters financial, legal, marketing, and horticultural to help them best look after their areas.
  • We engage communities by putting on free events, especially for isolated groups.
  • Have a look at the sites we work at here.
  • Read more about our Corporate Volunteer Days. If you want to book one, please email
NationalGrid Team Photo with logo

Above: A Corporate Team from National Grid enjoying a well deserved lunch-break at Alfred Salter Playground. They removed lots of brambles and planted perennials with lots of colour.

Hear from the communities we serve:

Listen to Lis from St. Matthew’s Council Estate, Brixton, outline the impact of our work:

Want to keep up with what we’re doing now?

You can read, see, and watch more of what we’re up to now on our News & Blog section.

Contact Us

To make an inquiry about booking a Corporate Volunteer Gardening day, please email

Or leave your details in the contact form.

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Get in touch:

Our Green Heroes Team is looking forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions or would like to book a Green Heroes day, please email

We are a London-based social enterprise. All profits are re-invested in the business and in the community green spaces we support.

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