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This map shows a selection of our green sites.

All of these green spaces are welcoming corporate volunteer gardeners right now.

Leaves Breathe Map of Corporate Volunteer Gardening Sites in London

Leaves Breathe supports community green sites across greater London.

We beautify green spaces where the need for them is greatest. We then empower local communities to become custodians of these spaces.

Information for Corporate Volunteer Teams:

  • All the above green sites have their own character, long list of work to be done – your help at any of the above sites will make a significant and visible contribution.
  • We try to match you to the site nearest to your office.

We’ve included more information about three sites we want to support in 2024, with images and descriptions below, to give you an idea of what a day here would include:

Lucy Brown - Corporate Gardening Day

Lucy Brown House, Elderly Housing

Address: 27 Park St, London SE1 9EG.

10 minutes’ walk from Blackfriars or London Bridge stations. Right behind Borough market.

Capacity: 24 volunteers

Lucy Brown House is home to 36 elderly and some vulnerable residents. Due to recent cuts to council funding the community garden – which has so much promise – has been overlooked for years. So much so, the residents barely use this haven themselves.

We’re creating the beautiful secret sanctuary the residents deserve and improve its value to the local green environment by planting more for pollinators. We also host an evening get together with the residents after our employee volunteering days here.

Alfred Salter Playground

Address: 64 Fair St, London SE1 2XF

10 minutes walk from London Bridge station. 5 minutes walk from Tower Bridge.

Capacity: 24 volunteers

It’s a neglected site needing an injection of energy and people power to turn it around. “From brambles to beauty!”

The main task will be designing and filling new plant borders with colourful perennials, which are currently covered in brambles, for children and parents who live locally to enjoy.

The aim is to create a space which will inspire calm and a place for parents to take a break whilst kids jump around in the play areas.

Chilton Rd Estate Corporate Gardening Day Collage

Chilton Road Estate

Address: Shacklewell St, London E2 7EG

At the top of Brick Lane. 5 minutes’ walk from Shoreditch High Street Station.

Capacity: 24 volunteers

A long forgotten and neglected path of green has proven too much work for a band of local group of residents.

This completely overgrown jungle is turning into a sanctuary garden for local residents right in the middle of London’s hustle and bustle – a stone’s throw away from Brick Lane.

Residents will have a padlock code to access this quiet haven. It might take a bit of imagination to see it now, but every new project does!

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We are a London-based social enterprise. All profits are re-invested in the business and in the community green spaces we support.

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