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Meet Danny

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Meet Danny

“Such an excellent teacher. So passionate, very knowledgeable about all things plant – you’re learning a lot very fast with Danny. And he’s great at involving the entire class with a sense of good fun.” – Student on Danny’s Horticulture Course at Walworth Garden.

We sat down with Danny to ask him the following questions:

  1. What do you enjoy about gardening with volunteers?
    Danny: Working with volunteers reminds me of the best bits of gardening: you get to relive moments of simple joy getting grubby and getting a satisfying job done.
  2. What’s your favourite garden or green space?
    Danny: I love the English Garden in Victoria Park: its Salvias, Echinaceas and Scabious make wonderfully abundant splashes of colour all the way into mid autumn.
  3. Your favourite gardening activity?
    Danny: There’s nothing better for the body and mind than a good hour of shovelling, be it earth, gravel or sand!
  4. Your favourite plant?

    Danny: The impossible question: I could say a hundred plants it isn’t! Right now, it’s Acacia dealbata for its wintry elegance and fluffy yellow pompoms.
  5. What do you get up to when you’re not gardening?
    Danny: I love to cook for events, using seasonal, local and organic produce. There’s a real rush to catering for large numbers and seeing folks enjoy your food.

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