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Meet Liz

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Team Photo - Liz Square

Meet Liz

We sat down with Liz to ask her the following questions:

  1. What do you enjoy about gardening with volunteers?
    Liz: The surprising love of gardening people can find in themselves in just one day. I love how people come back to working with nature and just want to keep going.
  2. What’s your favourite garden or green space?
    Liz: Can I pick Urban City Farms and then say “all of them”? I’ve been discovering them one by one over the last two years. How they teach the local community, how they show us good farming and food growing practices, and how welcoming they all are! 
  3. Your favourite gardening activity?
    Liz: Getting stuck into a smelly compost.. no, really!
  4. Your favourite plant?
    Liz: The London Plane Tree – not just a common street tree. Did you know the camouflaged colour bark on their trunks is the pollution condensed into solid form. Mind-blown.

  5. What got you into gardening?
    Liz: I didn’t know how, but I wanted to be in nature in my working life as much as possible. First choice was gardening. Years later, here I am.
  6. What do you get up to when you’re not gardening?
    Zoe: Oh, ev-er-y-thing! Travel, seeing friends, and exploring woods and the UK countryside..

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