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2023 Review ๐ŸŽ‰

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Leaves Breathe 2023 Review ๐ŸŽ‰


A lot of our work is spent celebrating the communities and gardening groups we support – their successes, growth, and hard work. But hey, from time to time, it’s worthwhile to look back on your own successes. In a loud world, its good to speak up about what we’ve achieved.ย 2023 was a year of growth for our rebooted Corporate Gardening programme. Here are some highlights below:

2023 Review Headlines:

  • Our corporate gardening programme boomed!
  • Worked across Greater London from Dalston (NE) to Brixton (SW)
  • We facilitated over 1,000 hours of volunteering!
  • We supported community gardens, council estates, sheltered housing, playgrounds.
  • On top of gardening, our Corporate Volunteers engaged (& partied!) with the residents of Lucy Brown House sheltered housing and community gardening groups in Brixton.
  • Corporate Volunteers came from MUJI, National Grid, WorldPay, and Accenture among others.

Please email to book a Corporate Gardening Day now.

Our Favourite moments included:

About Leaves Breathe - video thumbnail

Planting up new flower borders to provide colour but also privacy for residents around the community garden. Beautifying community spaces which are otherwise neglected is very rewarding. Seeing these displays grow ever larger and more attractive is very grounding.


Green Sites Map - square for get involved

Meeting community groups and stalwarts of public gardening all across London as we signed up over 20 new sites. Their energy is infectious and has helped to sustain us in turn! Read more about the sites we support here.


Volunteers talking with residents at Lucy Brown

We held a few tea and coffee meet-ups with volunteers and the residents of sheltered housing after gardening sessions. (The residents brought G&T to most of our surprise!) One day, a volunteer started taking requests on the piano and we had one of the best working days (parties!) of my life. Very rewarding to have helped play a part in it all.

Here’s to 2024!

And good luck to YOU in all your endeavours also – you’re clearly a determined and inquisitive type if you’re reading this at the end of the blog post!

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